Locus Development Partners

Core Services

We have developed a superlative suite of integrated services to provide our clients with the confidence that their projects will facilitate delivery of their investment goals:

Development Management

Development management co-ordinates the activities of multiple stakeholders and manages various legislative constraints to maximize the ultimate value of a development. We help our clients identify the most commercially advantageous products for the market and then work with them to establish the viability of a scheme as early as possible during the planning process.

Project Management & Planning

Our project management service involves the definition; leadership, planning, management, control and delivery of projects on your behalf, ensuring time, cost, quality and scope goals are achieved. Our Project management team is geared towards successful execution, delivery and closure of projects.

Programme Management

Our Programme Management provides clients with the systems, methodologies and expertise to manage multiple complex projects in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our experts will assist clients from feasibility through to operations, ensuring you have the control and information that you need

Asset Management

Our Asset Management service identifies opportunities to generate value and competitive advantage, enabling our clients to make fully informed decisions on their investment activity. We identify and implement bespoke Asset Management strategies providing advice encompassing the preparation of business plans, implementation of value enhancing initiatives, portfolio reviews and tenant surveys to identify opportunities. To enhance client service, we work closely with clients’ property management teams to identify tenant requirements and opportunities

Development Funding

With our strong financial knowledge within the sectors we operate, our close relationships to debt and equity sources and our proven track record in development management, we support our clients in securing third party funding and the presentation of bankable and investment grade projects to attract that investment.