Locus Development Partners

Specialist Services

We have invested in the development of capability in a diverse range of specialist services that complement our core Development & project management offers. These services are offered both as stand-alone services direct to clients or as an integral part of the way we deliver projects. The services include;

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Feasibility Studies and Business Case Development

The preparation of a robust business case to support investment in projects is a vital step toward achieving stakeholder buy-in. We recognize that establishing the true implications of investment proposals requires a clear understanding of the activity concerned. Costs and resulting business value must be realistic, with all risks and opportunities addressed.

ORAT (Operational Readiness, Activation and Transition)

Our ORAT service is a comprehensive methodology that de-risks the opening of new facilities. This service ensures that a new retail mall, Hotel, office building, Retail outlet, or industrial park will operate seamlessly from day one onwards. The journey from construction to live operation creates the challenge of bringing together hundreds of new processes, technologies and people into a single Activation Programme.

Value Engineering & Management

Our Value Engineering service is an organized effort, in the form of Workshops or Studies, to analyse systems, equipment, facilities, services, and supplies to achieve the essential functions at the lowest cost without altering the required performance, reliability, quality and safety. Our value engineering extends to building operations as we calculate life-cycle costs and make recommendations based on long-term return, rather than solely on initial construction expense.

Troubled Project Turnaround

While project management is used most cost-effectively before construction begins, it is also used to regain control after serious problems have caused delays or overruns. When retained under these circumstances, Locus DP assembles a team that can most expediently address critical needs. Locus DP’s turnaround team designs new schedules, creates new plans, and implements procedures to get the project back on track